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The Three Pots of Gold

The First Pot of Gold:

  • Symbolism: Luck and hard work
  • Meaning: The number 8, homophonic with "Fa" (wealth), symbolizes that with hard work and a bit of luck, you can quickly attract wealth and save your first pot of gold.

The Second Pot of Gold:

  • Symbolism: Wealth accumulation
  • Meaning: After acquiring the first pot of gold, the wealth continues to flow in, doubling your prosperity and leading to the second pot of gold.

The Third Pot of Gold:

Symbolism: Generosity and fulfillment

Meaning: With wealth in your possession, it's important not to be miserly. Give back to society and engage in meaningful activities. The third pot of gold signifies inner richness and a happy life..

50 x 45 x 38mm / 180g

Weight is approximately equal to a table tennis ball

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Maintenance Instructions

Tin Alloy Plating:
Use a soft, dry cotton cloth or a soft-bristled brush to remove dust. Avoid using any detergents or chemicals. Keep away from direct sunlight. Handle normally, avoiding collisions, heavy falls, and hard or sharp materials to prevent scratches. This ensures brightness for up to 3 years under normal conditions.

Brass Plate:
Brass will oxidize over time. You can either allow it to age naturally or use copper oil to clean off the oxidation with a cotton cloth, restoring the brass's natural texture and luster.

Qingshui Dali:
Use a soft, dry cotton cloth or a soft brush to remove dust.

Is it normal to see some fine lines on Lucky Toad up close?

Yes, it is normal. All pewter alloy models undergo multiple rounds of electroplating and hand-polishing by skilled craftsmen. As a result, some traces of manual work are inevitable. As long as there are no obvious scratches, these fine lines are considered normal.

Is there some uneven plating in the mouths of Luck 50?

Yes, it is normal to see some uneven plating inside the mouths of Lucky 50. Due to the difficulty in completely controlling the electroplating current throughout the entire body of Goji, slight variations in plating can occur. This does not affect the appearance of the coin after being bitten.

There is a hole at the bottom of the Lucky 50. Is it normal?

Yes, it is normal. The hole at the bottom (rear foot) of the Lucky 50, which is covered with a sticker, is necessary for creating conductive screw holes required for the electroplating process.

Why is there a gap in the mouth of Laoji Wanguan and Laoji Jiushi?

The manufacturing process for Laoji Wanguan and Laoji Jiushi involves creating hollow bodies, which necessitates a gap in the mouth. This gap is a normal part of the design required by the production method.

Caution: When allowing Laoji Wanguan and Laoji Jiushi to bite objects, ensure the object is not too small. Small objects can fall into the interior of Laoji and may be difficult to retrieve.

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