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Taking Care of Your Water Fountain - Maintenance Tips

Taking Care of  Your Water Fountain - Maintenance Tips

After purchasing your first water fountain, it is important to take care of it in order to make it last. With proper care and maintenance, your water fountain can continue to last for a long time. This list will cover some of the important maintenance tips for your water fountain.


Top up water regularly

Ensure that your water fountain always has enough water while it is running. Keeping your water fountain running while there is low levels of water will damage your pump and shorten its lifespan. How regularly you need to refill your water fountain will depend on its size and the climate, so it is important to always keep an eye on the water level and add water whenever necessary. The rule of thumb is that the pump should always be submerged in water.

If you want to take fountain care to a higher level, you can even switch to filling up your fountain with distilled water instead of tap water to help prevent algae and white scale build up. 



Clean your pump

Remove the pump in the proper way according to the owner's manual and clean it thoroughly every few months. This will allow you to spot any debris or blockage in the pump. The pump is the heart of your water fountain and is the system that keeps it running as it should. Similarly, the pump is the first place to experience build up as the water is being run and filtered through it. 

Wipe the pump with a clean cloth or sponge and ensure that it is completely clean before reattaching it back to the fountain. Refer to NAGARE's User Guide on YouTube to follow the correct method to detach and reattach your pump.


Avoid switching off your water fountains 

There is a misconception that you can prolong the lifespan of your water fountains if you don't switch it on often. Therefore, some people may switch it off at night or when not in use. However, on the contrary, the way to make your water fountains last is to keep it running all the time. The pump should be able to last for years if they are being cleaned regularly, and by replacing the pump it means that your water fountains can last indefinitely. 

Running water allows for a cleaner environment. Stagnant water will lead to debris and buildup much faster and is also a potential breeding ground for pests.


Clean your water fountains

Outdoor fountains are at risk of having more debris and build up as they are exposed to external weather conditions. Remove items like leaves, dirt or grass that will potentially clog up your water fountains.

If you find that your water fountains are developing algae or a coat of white substance (known as white scale), you can add in a couple of algaecide to eliminate it. For white scale, use white vinegar and rub it gently to remove it. There are also fountain cleansers in the market that can do the trick. 


Caring and maintaining for your water fountain is not difficult at all. Doing it properly will ensure that your water fountain can last you a lifetime. Refer to NAGARE's channel for our User Guide to learn how to maintain your water fountain the proper way.

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