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Water Pump Maintenance For Water Fountains

Water Pump Maintenance For Water Fountains

All our water feature pumps are carefully inspected and tested to ensure safety and operating performance. Follow our guide to avoid pump damage and to ensure that your water pump is well maintained and long lasting.


Ensure that the water pump is always submerged


The water pump has to be completely submerged under water at all times. As water is constantly flowing through the water fountain, there will be water lost through evaporation as time goes by. Keep an eye on the water level regularly and water should be replenished every 2 -3 days by pouring it directly into the water fountain. This will prevent the fountain from drying up and damaging the water pump.


Use Distilled Water

It will be ideal to use distilled water in your water fountain for easier maintenance. As tap water contains minerals and impurities, it tends to leave residual substances and may affect the water pump. It is recommended to wash your water pump every 1 – 2 months to ensure the water flow is smooth and to prevent residual build up.

Check for blockages

Check your water pump regularly and remove any slime, algae or debris that may clog it, especially for outdoor fountains. The whirring impeller of the water pump may get jammed up if something is stuck in the impeller. However, such problems occur very infrequently as water pumps are usually very low maintenance. The pumps can easily disassembled for cleaning and washing to remove debris and allow it to function well again.



Water Control Remote

All our water fountain pumps have a flow control mechanism to adjust the strength of water flow of the pump. These will prevent unwanted splashing of water from the water fountain. However, depending on the type of water fountain, some splashes will be unavoidable. Do check with us and we can recommend the suitable fountain types for you accordingly.


Secure The Water Pump

All our water fountains come with a rubber tube below the water pump to help secure it to the water fountain. Ensure that the pipe is attached properly and the water pump is fully submerged to prevent it from getting damaged.


Pump Noise

Water pumps typically emit a soft humming sound. Some pumps are quieter than others, and some fountains, usually those with the pump submerged in deeper water, conceal the sound better than others. However, the sound may be amplified through certain furniture, such as a wooden table. To minimize this effect, set the fountain on a softer material such as grass carpet, a piece of foam, or even an old mousepad.

 Water Fountain At Home

Final Note

Submersible water pumps are not designed to work without water and should only be used when submerged completely in water. Never allow your pump run dry, and it is always good to keep an eye on the water level regularly. If the pump is making a sucking or growling sound, it is a signal to replenish more water.

Turn off the water pump if you're going to be away for an extended amount of time or if there is no one to actively maintain the water levels of the fountain.

Always disconnect your water fountain from power source before cleaning or servicing. After cleaning, do keep your hands and surroundings dry before plugging it back into an electrical outlet and turning it back on.

All our water pumps are under warranty for 90 days. If you ever need to buy a replacement pump, we are able to provide a replacement for your water fountain.

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